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  • Here's how it works:  Each chapter has a series of definitions.  In the blanks beneath the clue, you need to correctly give the word that the definition is describing. Once you answer ALL of the definitions outlined in the chapter, you will be given a short clue as to what the answer is. You need to bring a letter from each answer to the Chapter page  and unscramble the letters to solve the answer to this chapter.
  • Repeat this exercise with all the chapters.  Once you have accumulated all of the CORRECT chapter answers, you will be given the final clue. You need to then unscramble all of these letters from each chapter answer to solve the book.  Each book has only one answer.
  • Fortunately for you, every book has an answer key in the back if you should get completely stuck.  The idea is to solve the book with as little help (cheating) from the answer key.

FOX 6's Real Milwaukee explains how it works!

Definition Scramble Book 1 Chapter 1

1. A failure or interruption in use or function, a period of interruption especially of electric current.

{_} __ __ __ G __

2. Marked by elaborate rhetoric or florid style, elaborately or excessively decorated.

{_} __ __ __ A __ __

3. To place over against something so as to provide resistance, counterbalance, or contrast.

{_} __ __ __ S __

4. To put in formal possession (as of a benefice or office), to admit as a member.

{_} __ __ __ C __

5. A cornmeal dough rolled with ground meat or beans seasoned usually with chili, wrapped usually in corn husks, and steamed.

{_} __ __ __ __ E

6. A book containing accounts to which debits and credits are posted from books of original entry, a horizontal board used for vertical support.

{_} __ __ __ E __

7. A figure of speech in which a series of phrases of sentences is arranged in ascending order of rhetorical forcefulness, the highest point.

{_} __ __ __ A __

8. A person admitted to probationary membership in a religious commuity. A beginner.

{_} __ __ __ C __

9. A lawless person or a fugitive from the law, a person or organization under a ban or restriction, one that is unconventional or rebellious.

{_} __ __ __ __ W

10. A state of suffering and want that is the result of poverty or affliction, a circumstance, thing, or place that causes suffering or discomfort.

{_} __ __ __ R __

Chapter 1 Summary

Take the ten letters from the beginning of each chapter 1 answer and enter it into the bottom blanks. Unscramble them to solve the answer to chapter #1.

__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

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Chapter Hint: Train or dance?

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