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  • Here's how it works:  Each chapter has a series of definitions.  In the blanks beneath the clue, you need to correctly give the word that the definition is describing. Once you answer ALL of the definitions outlined in the chapter, you will be given a short clue as to what the answer is. You need to bring a letter from each answer to the Chapter page  and unscramble the letters to solve the answer to this chapter.
  • Repeat this exercise with all the chapters.  Once you have accumulated all of the CORRECT chapter answers, you will be given the final clue. You need to then unscramble all of these letters from each chapter answer to solve the book.  Each book has only one answer.
  • Fortunately for you, every book has an answer key in the back if you should get completely stuck.  The idea is to solve the book with as little help (cheating) from the answer key.

FOX 6's Real Milwaukee explains how it works!

Senior Activities:

Activity directors: This is for you!!

Of all the appearances that I have done regarding my book, there is nothing more enjoyable then a senior center.  I generally spend about an hour and the participation and interaction is wonderful.  Everyone pays attention, solves clues and blurts out the answers!  The men are usually out-numbered 10-1, but they're out there swinging.


Here's how we do it:


We use the aide of a big dry-erase board and a couple of dry-erase markers.  Then, write out the structure of the answer, like this:


_____  _____  _____    N   _____  _____



Read the definition out loud, usually twice.  When the answer gets yelled out, acknowledge the person who gives the answer.  Fill in the answer on the white board.  Then, transfer the letter that falls in the blank above the starred blank to the chapter answer (That would be the ten space answer at the top of the white board)



_____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____


Erase that answer and go on to the next.


As we work our way through the chapter, all of the letters to the chapter answers start to fill in.  So as we are getting to the last clues, the group is trying to unscramble the chapter letters to answer the chapter.  If they don't get it before we finish,  give them the short clue for the chapter.


Once they have completed the first chapter, everyone is hooked and can't wait to do the second chapter.  Participation gets more competitive and the responses get louder.


We can complete about four chapters in about an hour.  One book (20 Chapters ) should last for a month if you meet once a week.  The beauty is that everybody wants to go the full activity because all of the chapter answers are transfered to the book answer page.  Once all 20 chapters are completed, designated letters from each chapter come together to solve the book.  On the last day, all 20 letters need to be unscrambled after a short clue, and the book can be solved.  Who in the group will solve the 5 week activity.


At that point, introduce the next book and start month number 2.  There are currently 7 books available, plus 2 bilingual (Spanish to English) editions.  So, for about $10.00, you can host one month of activities!! 

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