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  • Here's how it works:  Each chapter has a series of definitions.  In the blanks beneath the clue, you need to correctly give the word that the definition is describing. Once you answer ALL of the definitions outlined in the chapter, you will be given a short clue as to what the answer is. You need to bring a letter from each answer to the Chapter page  and unscramble the letters to solve the answer to this chapter.
  • Repeat this exercise with all the chapters.  Once you have accumulated all of the CORRECT chapter answers, you will be given the final clue. You need to then unscramble all of these letters from each chapter answer to solve the book.  Each book has only one answer.
  • Fortunately for you, every book has an answer key in the back if you should get completely stuck.  The idea is to solve the book with as little help (cheating) from the answer key.

FOX 6's Real Milwaukee explains how it works!

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Definition Scramble 1, 2, and 3 were all released in 2012.  These are the more difficult of the series of books.  Guaranteed to give you hours of mind boggling enjoyment.

Definition Scramble 2 and 3 Bilingual were released in April of 2013.

All the clues are in Spanish, while all the answers are in English.  Test your puzzle skills and your language skills!

Definition Scramble Animal Edition had an official launch date of December 31, 2013.  You can click on my "purchase books" link to order yours today!  If you love puzzles and animals, this book is for you!!

Definition Scramble Food Edition is available in the Tate Publishing Bookstore and on most every online bookstore!  You can click on my "purchase books" link to order yours today!  If you love puzzles and food, this book is for you!!

Here it is - Definition Scramble Automotive Edition!  Copies are now available for purchase on the Tate Publishing bookstore, everywhere on line, or just click on my "purchase books" link.  If you are an automotive enthusiast, test your skills.  This is personally my favorite book of all!

It's done!  Definition Scramble Sports Edition is here!  Copies are available in the Tate Publishing bookstore, everywhere on line, or by clicking on the "Purchase Books" link at the top of this page. If you like sports, you'll love this book!

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